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Uzrivoy's Masters



Gaming Group

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Uzrivoy's Masters is a gaming group based in Houston, TX.,

Uzrivoy's Masters is made up of:

Role       Name               E-mail                    Character
Co-GM      Eric Huckabay          Tala

Co-GM      Rilee Davis          Maya

Player     Brett Riley           J'Kar

Player     Bryan R. Urban      Jerris

Player     Chris Gammon      Kore

Player     Darcy Overland    Daerlin

Player     Lola Overland           Maryk

Player     Shaun McClintock          E'lan

Retired Characters

Status     Name               E-mail                    Character

Dead       Eric Huckabay          Pyske

Captured   Eric Huckabay          Labael

Dead       Lola Overland           Aspagia

Secondary Campaign Journal - Poisoned Road

Notes: Earthdawn Webring ID: 72 LogonID: Uzrivoymasters Password : earthdawn

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