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Uzrivoy's Masters


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Gaming Group

Elementalist Spells

1st Circle

Dome of Air

Threads: 3  (or 4 - See below)
Weaving Difficulty:  5/12
Range:  Touch
Effect:  -1 step to attack and damage tests vs. ranged attacks
Casting Difficulty: 3
Duration: Rank hours (12 hours)

     The elementalist shields the end of his foot with his hand in an dome
and sprinkles some water from above, watching it run off his hand.   A dome
of a thicker layer of air forms in a sphere around the caster with a 10 yard
radius.  The dome shimmers slightly, is the thickness of the elementalists
thumb, is fixed in
place at the time of casting, and mutes sound slightly.  The dome will
protect the enclosed
area from heavy rain or snow, but not from a large rush of liquid that a
waterfall or large
cauldron of oil poured from above might produce.
The dome is permeable to air and gives a slight resistance to physical
passing through. The shimmering gives ranged attacks passing through the
dome a one step penalty, and the resistance
off passing through gives -1 step for damage tests for missle or ranged
through the dome.  Any perception test attempted through the dome also
 a -1 step penalty due to the shimmering and muted sound.
   Duration is rank hours.   A forth thread may be woven to increase the
duration of the spell to 12 hours.   Domes can be overlapped to create
larger shielded areas for carvans or large parties.

"Sonny, once I teach you this spell you'll be every windling's best friend
in a
rainstorm.   They hate getting wet as much
      as my wife's cat."  -  Regnor, human elementalist


Threads: 1
Weaving Difficulty:  5/12
Range:  10 yard diamater
Effect:  Step 3 damage
Casting Difficulty: 5
Duration: Instant

The elementalist slices through the air with his hand and then slams his
 hands over his ears.  A very loud thunderclap is created as
the rushes back throught the slice the elementalist made in the air.
This loud noice does step 3 damage (one roll for everything) to everything
in a 5 yard radius including the elementalist although the hands over
the ears count as 3 armor.
No regular armor counts although ear protection offsets this damage.
Affected characters make a toughness check against a target number
of 5 or suffer from a decrease in hearing ablility for an hour. (-2 steps
to hearing related perception tests and characters have to speak up
to be heard by those who fail the test.)   This spell is used (with proper
ear protection) for signalling mostly in the jungle parts of the Servos.
   Against unintelligent beasts or savages a check might be made
versus their social defense to see if this frightens them.

Water Rope
Theads : 2
Weaving Difficulty: 10/16
Range: Variable
Effect:  Generates Willforce + 4 yards of air rope
Casting Diffculty:  6
Duration:  Rank + 15 minutes

The elementalist pours a thin stream of water/liquid out of a waterskin
and grabs the end of it.   The spell creates Willforce + 4 yards of rope out
of the water.
The rope is composed of braids of water and is and swirling.  Treat
this as regular rope for the duration, although it is fire resistant.

2nd Circle

Frosty Keg
Threads: 2
Weaving difficulty: 7/13
Range: 15 yards
Effect:  Willforce
Duration:  Spellcasting Rank days
Casting Difficulty: 2 or SD of item

Frosty Beverage is a popular spell when the weather turns hotter and drier
than usual.
Casting this spell enables the elementalist to cool willforce kegs of liquid
to just above
the freezing point of water.   Always popular in inns and pubs and sure to
make the
patrons happy.  This spell is centered on the container (keg, wineskin, etc)
liquid removed from the temporarily enchanted container starts to warm at
the normal
rate and liquid added starts to cool slowly taking a keg about 2 hours to
cool to the
lowest temperature.

Foxfire (St. Elmo's Fire)
Threads: 1
Weaving Difficulty: 5/10
Range: Touch
Effect:  Summons light
Duration : Willforce hours
Casting Difficulty: 2 or SD of item

The elementalist quickly rubs on the item to be cast on with his hand.
The item is enveloped in a bright foxfire, a hazy mist of light that is
as bright as a torch.  This spell can be cast on people as well as
objects, but has no effects other than making them glow with a foxfire
aura.   If the light is oppossed by anything (darkness spell,etc.)
the spellcasting test goes against the dispel difficutly of the spell
to see if the effect overrides the other spell.  The elementalist
can choose the color of the foxfire, although the darker the color
the less light it gives off.

3rd Circle


Threads: 0
Weaving Difficulty:  NA/8
Range: 5 yards
Effect:  Ignites flammable objects
Casting Difficulty : 4
Effect:   Willforce targets

  The elementalist snaps his fingers loudly concentrating on the friction
initially generated.   Up to willforce easily flammable
objects (torches and candles) targeted can be ignited and then burn
    Flammable objects that might have difficulty burning such
as damp wood would require all the heat energy directed at them and then the
role is directed against the difficulty number generated by the game-master.
spell cannot be used on animate
objects or anything in contact with them that they don't want set aflame.
igniting something (ex. torch) held by a
person he must want the item to light (lowering the spell defense for himself and the
 otherwise the spell fails.

  "He stepped into the room, snapped his fingers, and every candle lit up...
they were everywhere in the room so
       the dark room was suddenly lit up by warm candlelight - it was so
romantic."   -   Terina Elbeth, archer adept, telling
        of her date with the elven elementalist Loroth.

"Don't blame it on me when you botch a spell buckko,   I REALLY wanted the
torch to light." - Krag, Orc Warrior, in response
to the elementalist's Vrenn's explanation on why he couldn't light the torch
when the lightstone broke.

Hand of Air
Threads: 2
Weaving Difficulty:  8/14
Range: 20 yards
Effect:  Creates a Hand of Air
Casting Difficulty : 6
Duration:  Spellcasting rank rounds

Casting this spell a shimmering hand of air materializes.   The caster must
see the
 hand and fully concentrate on the hand of air taking no damage or other
actions while
maintaining  this spell.  The caster must mimic the actions of the hand with
his hand.
The hand of air is fixed in place at the time of its casting and only has a
range of motion
equal to the caster's hand.  It can only move as the
caster's hand moves, so in order for the hand of air to move forward past
reach the caster must move walk forward.
The hand of air has a strength step equal to the casters
 willpower rank - 2.  The caster can perform actions (using only one skill
or talent)
with the hand just like it was his normal hand, albeit one not attached to
his body.
   He can grab a sword and attack, open doors, move things, etc.
   Roll Willforce for the death rating of the hand if
neccessary.  It has the caster's PD but a 4 SpellD and no armor.

4th Circle

Room Temperature

Threads: 2
Weaving Difficulty:  10/16
Range: Touch
Area of Effect:  10 yard diameter
Effect:  Maintains current temperature
(See below)
Casting Difficulty : 2
Duration:  Spellcasting rank weeks

The elementalist stands in the center of the room to be affected and casts
this spell.   Whatever the current temperature of the room, this spell will
maintain that for the duration of the spell.  So in warmer months this
spell is usually cast in the cool of the night, and in colder months
during the hottest part of the day.  This spell can only keep up with
a temperature difference of willforce  + 5 degrees Farenheit, so
differences larger than that make the temperature in the room
heat or cool slightly.  This spell effect doesn't go through walls, so
this spell has to be cast for each room that wants to be effected,
usually only being cast in large common rooms or hot kitchens.
Private rooms with this spell cast are sometimes found in the
better quality inns for a corresponding price.

5th Circle

6th Circle

Air Source

Threads: 2
Weaving Difficulty:  12/20
Range:  Touch
Effect:  Provides breathable air
for Willforce + 5 people
Casting Diffculty: 8
Duration: Spellcasting rank hours

A crude version of this spell was first developed by miners, but during the
preparations for the Scourge was much improved upon for use in the
poorer kaers.
The elementalists makes a rope hoop one meter in diamater and holds
it open with his hands.   During the spellcasting the elementalist opens
a tiny tap into the plane of air.   Fresh air from the tap blows from one
side of the rope hoop and stale air is sucked into the other side, keeping
it open.
   This will provide breathable air for up to willforce + 5 people  for the
 duration of the spell.   The elementalist can spend one point of blood
to increase the duration to a year and day, or can spend five points of
permanent blood magic to make the effect permanent.  When casting the
versions a hoop of strong metal enchanted with True Air is usually used to
increase the effect.   Small kaers would need two of these hoops to
provide enough air for the inhabitants to last through the Scourge.