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Player:  Eric
Name:	Teela Pyske

Race:  Windling		Discipline:  Warrior	Circle:  3

	Strength	6+1	D6
	Dexterity	19+1	2D6
	Toughness	14	D10
	Perception	19	2D6
	Willpower	7	D6
	Charisma	13	D10

Stats:	Physical Defense		12
	Spell Defense		10
	Social Defense		7
	Physical Armor		4
	Mystic Armor		0
	Recovery Tests		3 (2) @ D10
	Lift / Carry		85 / 40
	Wound Threshold		10
	Death Rating		36+27-6=57 (+D8+D6)
	Unconsciousness Rating	28+21-6=43 (+D8+D6)
	Karma			(D10) = 16
	Initiative		2D6

	Acrobatic Strike	3	D10+D8	AK
	Air Dance		3	D10+D8	1
	Anticipate Blow		3	D8+D6	1D
	Durability		3	(9/7)
	Karma Ritual		2
	Melee Weapons		3	D10+D8	AD
	Wood Skin		3	D8+D6	*D
	Throwing Weapons	1	D8+D6	A
	Tiger Spring		2	(D12+D10)	1
	Unarmed Combat		0

Skills:	Acrobatics		1	D8+D6
	First Impression	1	D12	AK
	Languages (Dwarven, Windling)
	Pick Pockets		1	D8+D6
	Sculpture (Nature)	1	D10
	Silent Walk		1	D8+D6
	Tracking		1	D8+D6
	Wilderness Survival	2	D10+D6
	Woods Lore		2	D10+D6

Armor:	Padded Leather

	Windling Bow		D12	x/x/100
	Windling 2-Hand Sword (+3)	D10+D8

Equipment:	Stone of Garlen, Strength Charm, Wealthy Traveler’s Clothes, 
Adventurer’s Pack, Winter Cloak, 1 Booster Potions Cash: 293 Throalic silver, 288 Theran silver, 3 Pre-Scourge silver Total Legend Points Earned 6062 Current Legend Points Available 1237 Description: (see picture, ED p.109) At 22” and 16 lbs., I may not look like
much to a human. I suppose the fact that I carry a sword seems laughable.
*shrug* So long as they do not fit actions to their words, they may speak
down to me all they like. Humans seem fond of words. They would tell you
that I look boyish, though I assure you no windling has ever mistaken me
for a male. Perhaps if I let my hair grow long; hair length seems to
matter a great deal to their women. I think mostly it is my clothing,
though. Why tailors must learn to make separate sets of clothing I will
never understand. I prefer the simple silk breeches and work shirt, with a
simple leather strap being sufficient to hold my blade, and a silken cloak
to cover my wings, which I often keep in my pack. Character History: Notes: Pyske’s Views on Fighting: In Pyske’s community, foes are rarely met head-on, because the greater size and
strength of most predators makes such a confrontation risky. Given the
high value her people place on life, they almost always choose the less-
risky tactics, even if this makes their victory more short-term. They have found that the best way to accomplish this is by having defenders
specially trained to face the risks of keeping away predators. This is
where Pyske comes in. She has is a member of the Warrior discipline
because that is the discipline which gives windlings the greatest chance of
walking away from a hostile encounter. Further, the windlings realize that
sometimes it comes to “stand or fall”, and have tried to equip Pyske to
make that final stand for them. Pyske has adopted the tactics of her people in terms of her view of combat:
combat which can be avoided is to be avoided. Otherwise, Pyske finds the
situation of greatest tactical advantage and uses it without compunction;
she has no sense of “fair play” in combat. Basically, the fact that they
threatened her friends / family / self puts her into “ends justify the
means” mode, in which she will happily shoot people in the back or slay a
foe who has surrendered if they might pose further threat or keeping them
alive might endanger her or her group. Thus, when Va’oosh looked to be a threat, Pyske was ready to kill her. Since
things have since calmed down, she would be aghast at any such suggestion.
A clarification, however: Pyske does not calm down as fast as Day appears
to: once the combat is over she will still be in “cutthroat” mode for a
good while, possibly hours. Pyske’s people have an interesting, and almost paradoxical, view of self versus
community. They believe that the good of the few is more important than
the good of the many, but also believe that if someone has a strong
preference, one cannot force them to do what they do not wish: all the
checks and balances on behavior are internal. Thus, if Pyske couldn’t
stand to sheperd Va’oosh, she simply wouldn’t. There is a point where
Pyske’s people basically say “Duty be damned” and do what they want, but it
takes some doing to reach this point. As a side note, Pyske was selected for her discipline because of her
temperment. She is more duty-bound than most (which is why she left her
people), has a greater concern for protecting others (in a maternal way,
mostly), and has little fear of the personal consequences of her actions
(partly recklessness, partly a failure to comprehend death, and partly
simple self-sacrifice). Thus, she would be more than willing to use the
warrior’s “Death Stand” if things had reached that point. The warrior discipline through Pyske’s eyes s a mostly defensive one, and her
talents reflect this. The high-rank air-dance was intended originally to
be used with swooping attacks, which were outlawed after I created the
character, which is how air dance could be considered defensive. As a concrete example of her tactics, Pyske will usually attack with the intent
of drawing opponents to herself. If possible, she will then flee, leading
the opponents away from her friends, hopefully to lose them at some later
point. In terms of her skills, she would use Silent Walk to reduce the
risk to herself, make a surprise attack at close range to make sure she has
the foes attention, then flee, attempting to keep away from her foes and
use her bow (less risk to her). When she gets the taunt skill, this will
be used to keep her opponents concentrated on her and not her friends, as
well as its function of making her safer from their attacks. When she
gets engaging banter and emotion song, she will use them to defuse
situations or distract opponents while her companions escape. Oh, as a last point: the fact that her companions always seem to keep
fighting, and never run when she has distracted the foe confuses and
frustrates her. >There are several skills that I plan to develop for my character which I >envision as skills she has always had, and simply never displayed (or been >caught at) before. > >I have no problem with waiting to start using these skills until she would >have been able to learn them, but I would prefer that she actually spent this >time doing (non-productive) other activities. > >Basically, I plan to obey the game mechanics (wait 1 month + 1 week before >using a skill), but hope you won't actually require me to consider that time >as "training". (I also have no problem with her "mysteriously" misplacing the >money that would have been paid to an instructor, although I would rather come >up with a better reason. Perhaps I spent that month frittering it away on fay >wine and song.) > >Oh, and BTW, I see myself as having a very high alchohol tolerance, due to the >"fay wine" legends and my exceptional toughness for a windling (1 point from >max). > >Examples: Pick pocket, fast hand, silent walk, engaging banter, first >impression, taunt