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Uzrivoy's Masters


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Gaming Group

Campaign Journal

Encounter with a Horror


Part 1

We approach the T'skrang village slowly. Nevertheless, we have to fight with several patrols on the way in. Pyske flys in to give us a layout and an idea of what we are dealing with. Luckily for us, it turns out that the slaves are held in pens somewhat away from the village near an old temple type structure. We follow Pyske back to the area, and quietly subdue the guards. We rescue some elves from the caravan. They have been badly treated and are very hurt. I escort them back into the treeline and give them some potions. They must hide here until we return. They tell us that the T'skrang have taken Va'oosh and a few other prisioners to a 'slave pit' inside the temple. We go inside and investigate. There we find the pit and tunnels leading away from it. There are other entrances to this main room so Shaol and I stay to guard the way out while the rest head down into the pit. The tunnels branch so they form two parties. Dai and Myrinn find a weak old man who asks for their help. Dai takes him back to the entrance while Myrinn joins the other group, their tunnel having dead-ended at the old man. While Myrinn and the other group go to find Va'oosh, Dai brings the old man up through the pit. As he climbs he notices symbols on the edge of the pit, but disregards them. Dai brings the old man up and sets him on the floor, and prepares to go back down. I start toward the old man to check his condition and Shaol guards the entrances into the room. Boom! The old man explodes in a shower of blood and tissue, and where the old man is standing there is a Horror! Some kind of Bloatform variant my mind identifies it before I am struck with a paralyzing fear. None of us can move. It turns to Dai. "Thank you from freeing me from my prision, by carrying me past the runes I am free." It looks at Dai for a second, then turns and looks at Shaol, then turns and looks at me. "My, what a tasty morsel you are. I think I shall save you for later." It shambles over towards me and a large tongue emerges. It then licks my torso clean of the blood. I still can't move, so frozen with fear. It then floats away. We are frozen until the rest of the group arrives with Va'oosh. We hear the screams of the T'skrang outside. They say that the tunnels continued from where they found Va'oosh, so I suggest that might be the best way to go as the Horror probably won't go back down into the pit because it would become trapped there. We go back that way until we get to a large chamber with an open ceiling. There at the top is a T'skrang shaman/nethermancer who chides us for releasing his pet horror. We attack him and he fights back, causing Dai to fall on the floor in pain. Then he sicks his other pet on us, a three headed chimera. We fall back into the tunnels where it has trouble manuevering. There we engage it taking turns. Dai falls dead beneath the middle head, Pyske is stabbing it from behind, and I am casting flame weapon on swords as I can get a good line to hit it with spells with all the fighters engaging it in the narrow corridor. Finally we defeat it and bring Dai back with a last chance salve. Pyske flies up and gets something that allows us all to climb out. We go to see if the elves I left in the jungle are ok, but all we find are pieces of them. We start back towards New Dawn.

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